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Supportive Companies

These companies are our biggest partners

Fi Smart Collars

Fi helps us equip each rescue with one of their collars.

Fi uses three constellations of satellites to maximize the tracking speed and accuracy of the Fi Collar. GPS accuracy can get as accurate as 7ft radius in open sky.

Lafayette, Louisiana

Our go-to clinic for spay/neuter of our rescue pups.

SpayNation provides us with greatly discounted rates to help reduce our operational costs. With us from our founding SpayNation has executed surgeries and delivered vaccinations with zero issues.

Max & Neo
Scottsdale, Arizona

At the end of every month Max & Neo donates thousands of collars, leads and misc. goodies to rescues across the nation. We are very fortunate to be one of the organizations they choose to donate to once a quarter. The collars and leads we receive are highly needed and used with some donated to others in our network.


The Majestic Dog Boutique
Mandeville, Louisiana

The Majestic Family hosts fundraisers for our cause.

At Majestic Dog, our family is a pack of six, each with four legs. When looking for the best for them, it seems almost impossible to find high quality treats and toys that have the peace of mind that comes with being made in the US.

Husky Coffee Co.
Hudson, OH

"Every abandoned dog deserves a second chance. At Husky Coffee Co., we use the sale of our single origin and blended coffees to help them find new homes. Twenty percent of our profits benefit no-kill animal shelters, dog foster care organizations, and Husky Rescue operations.

You benefit from big, bold flavor — dogs benefit from your giant heart.

Northshore petsuites
Covington, Louisiana

petsuites proudly accepts some of our rescues by providing temporary fostering and care for our organization when foster families are unavailable.

petsuites provides overnight boarding, day boarding, day play (socials with other dogs, individuals and with staff), basic training, bathing, and grooming. They have indoor and outdoor play yards that are separated by size. All outdoor yards have pools for pets to enjoy.

Rescue Organizations

Texas Husky Rescue

Dedicated to Siberian Husky Rescue

Our friends and family across the west border of Louisiana work with us in pulling rescues from shelters. Our ability to coordinate operations to save more lives is very impactful in the south.