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Siberian Husky priority focused

At Louisiana Husky Rescue, we believe all animals are deserving of life, respect and care, but our focus is on the Siberian Husky breed. Our goal is zero-population-growth through spay/neuter programs and services that focus on education, medical care, fostering and adoption.

  • Statewide Rescue Efforts

  • Fostering

  • Public Education


"To rescue abandoned, abused, neglected, and unwanted huskies. Rehabilitate and find qualified loving homes for them throughout Louisiana and beyond. To educate the community about responsible pet ownership and the special qualities, needs and traits of the Siberian Husky Breed."

Our founder, Tim A. Washington, established Louisiana Husky Rescue, "LaHR," in June of 2019 to answer the growing problem of Siberian huskies being euthanized due to the uncontrollable amount of surrenders, strays, abandoned and neglected.

Foster-care - Providing foster-care for huskies awaiting adoption. Our network of foster parents help with rehabilitating our rescues in different areas of the state. We also have a network of fosters outside of the state.

Adoption - Once our rescues are rehabilitated, they become available for adoption into furever homes.

Education Services - We offer continued education with our "dog library" found here on our website. The library contains books about the Siberian husky breed.

Husky Socials - Our founder and some of the staff gather in parks statewide for others to meet and socialize with the breed. This helps families ask questions in person while they see Siberian huskies play in our environment.

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