Mission Statement

"To rescue abandoned, abused, neglected, and unwanted huskies. Rehabilitate and find qualified loving homes for them throughout Louisiana and beyond.  To educate the community about responsible pet ownership and the special qualities, needs and traits of the Siberian Husky Breed."

Established in the summer of 2019 to provide a central source for rescued Siberian Huskies in Louisiana.  

Our Vision

  1. Rescue 45 huskies in 2019
  2. Become a voice for Siberian huskies and advocate responsible ownership with continuing education for the public on this specific breed.
  3. Rehabilitate as many huskies as we can through behavioral, medical and thearputic methods whenever we can with resources available to us.
  4. Engage and stay active in our network of fosters, volunteers, shelters and partnering rescue organizations.
  5. GROW, EXPAND and SAVE more huskies year-after-year by adding more foster homes and make and impact by reducing rescues from shelters and boarding facilities.

Our History

Our founder, Tim Washington, established LaHR in June of 2019 to answer a growing problem of Siberian huskies being euthanized due to the uncontrollable amount of surrenders, strays, abandoned and neglected.  

We are a new organization but have already made an impact in a short period of time!

We provide

Foster-care - Providing foster-care for huskies awaiting adoption.  Our network of foster parents help with rehabilitating our rescues in different areas of the state.  We also have a network of fosters outside of the state.

Adoption - Once our rescues are rehabilitated, they become available for adoption into furever homes.

Education Services - In our Lafayette location we offer continued education about the Siberian husky breed to prepare families looking to add a husky to their family.

Pack Therapy - The Cajun Husky Pack stays in Lafayette.  The future ahead will be to allow the public to interact with them for periods of time.  This helps families engage with the breed.

Online Resources

Our digital library is designed for you!  We want you to know the breed and make the right choice for not only your family, but for your future husky family member!

Download and view content to help you in  reviewing your decision, learning, and training your husky.

Annual Reports

As a non-profit it is important to us to keep our donors and supporters informed of what we are doing.   We maintain a Silver Seal of Transparency with Guidestar.  

View our profile here

LaHR 2019 Annual Report (pdf)